About Us


A E S Public School located in a tranquil area blessed with scenic beauty is an educational institution offering children the advantage of liberal and the best of academic education providing excellence in physical, cultural and creative development.

The school gives emphasis to the careful development of all the moral social values which are the basis for the formation of an upright citizen and a perfect gentlemen and prepare the young for service and responsibility in national life enabling them to foster deep attachment to our cultural heritage.

The school aims not merely at preparing its pupils to quality for the examinations but develop their character and personality through graded responsibility, personal guidance and social awareness, in a moral perspective.


In the name of God Most Gracious, Most Merciful Praise be to God The Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds Most Gracious, Most Merciful Master of the day of Judgement Thee do we worship And Thine aid we seek’ Show us the straight way. The way of those on whom Thou has bestowed the grace, Those whose path Is not wrath, And who go not astray


Dear all ,

Welcome to the AES family ! .I hope you are ready to experience an amazing school year. Our staff is working hard to prepare engaging and rewarding learning experiences for all students. At AES , we place high value on our partnership with parents, families, and community and we invite you to be an active part of helping students to achieve their full potential.
We believe that each and every student has a gift to share, and we work hard to unlock their highest potential. We have high expectations of our students, and we have high expectations of ourselves to help all AES students learn and grow into well-rounded citizens and critical thinkers. AES aims to develop leadership skills, social and emotional skills, and academic skills to prepare students for success not only in middle school but also in high school, career, relationships, and life-long learning.

AES students will be taught to view themselves as learners and to think about what it looks like to be a good learner and thinker.
To help your student be successful in middle school, help them understand what is required of them to be a good learner inside and outside of the classroom. Talk about qualities and learning behaviors such as: taking positive risks, viewing errors as opportunities, working to recover from a mistake, giving and receiving feedback, asking questions, collaborating with peers, setting goals, planning with a purpose, and tracking their own progress. 

Students need both high challenge and high support to grow as learners, and we look forward to helping students maximize their growth at AES . Please be our partners in this work. Let us know how we can help. We look forward to working with families to accomplish great things for our students! Sincerely

Suma V.S (Principal)

School Management Committee Members

M.C. Ibrahim Master
C A Haneefa
C A Muhammed
K M Abdu Rasak
K S Salam
K K Majeed
P.K. Salim
Abdul Gafoor
Noushad Bikkiri
Aboobacker Karikkad
Abu thahir
Fasalu Raheem K.M
Abdul Sathar