Admission & Withdrawal

Students who wish to obtain admission to A E S Public School must register in the school office during working hours and obtain a brochure and admission form which must be duly filled and submitted in the office without delay.

The short listed students will be intimated for an informal meeting along with their parents and are then requested to complete the formalities of admission.

L K G: Age to be 4 in the month of June of the academic year Copy of Birth Certificate with Original and 6 passport size recent photograph.

Std-I: 6 years as on Ist June Copy of Birth Certificate with Original and 4 passport size recent photograph.

Std-II: onwards - Transfer Certificate from the School last attended along with Progress Report and 6 passport size recent photographs.

From Std. III onwards students are tested on the syllabus of the standard below the one for which they seek admission. Admission to school is granted strictly on merit.

Parents should make a written request for the school leaving certificate, along with Rs. 100/- one month is advance. School leaving certificate will be issued only after all the dues and fees have been paid.

Mandatory disclosure

1. The school hours are from 9.30 a.m. to 3.45 p.m.
2. The students shall reach the school before the 2nd bell at 9.20 A.M.
3. Students shall bring their school diary every day.
4. An identity card will be issued to each student and he/she must wear It every day.
5. Irregular attendance, habitual negligence in school work, lack of interest in study, dishonesty, use of obscene words or acts of serious misconduct in or outside the school are sufficient reasons for removal from the school rolls.
6. Any damage done to the school property or to that of other students will have to be compensated.
7. Students suffering from any contagious or infectious disease will not be allowed to attend the class.
8. No books, other than school books must be brought to the school.
9. Report on conduct and the monthly report on studies have to be signed by parents or guardians.
10. LEAVE is granted only on sound reasons and that too on application by the guardians. (See leave note in the Diary)
11. Students who are absent for the terminal examinations for any reason, other than sickness, supported by a doctor’s certificate, will be considered failed in that particular examination.
12. In special circumstances an application for leave shall be submitted directly to the Principal.
13. Promotions are granted on the basis of marks obtained in the Periodic tests and annual examination.
The students would also be assessed and graded upon life skill, attitude and values. The participation in school activities and the voluntary works done by the student will also be reflected in the performance Record.
14. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline of their wards and in inculcating the habit of hard work and systematic learning.
15. Parents shall sign the progress reports, examination reports or any other reports when so requested.
16. Parents are advised to peruse the student’s diary for any information from the school and also check their note books and see that their children do their home-work noted in them.
17. Parents shall inform the school of the change of address and Telephone Number.
18. Parents, guardians of others are not allowed to meet their children or meet the teachers during the school hours without the permission from the Principal.
19. Entry to the school buildings is permitted only to staff and students. Parents/guardians shall meet their wards only with the permission of the authorities. However the school buildings except school office are out of bound for the parents/guardians.
20. Reasonable complaints can be brought to the notice of the authorities.
21. Parents/guardians shall refrain from making unwanted remarks about the members of the staff in the presence of their children.
22. Kindly make it convenient to be present for the parent-teachers meeting whenever it is called for.
23. Parents/guardians are always welcome to the school to check up the progress of their children but shall never be a hindrance to the regular working of the school.
24. Leave after the commencement of the working hours is not permitted. Absenteeism shall be for a particular session or both sessions. Students will not be permitted to leave the campus, once they come except when they are sick.
25. Annual fee, Admission and special fee are to be paid at the time of admission along with the first instalment of tuition fee. Continued loss of attendance for 15 days due to non payment of fees will result in the removal of the student from the rolls. Such students will be re-admitted after collecting fresh admission fees. Fees should be paid at the school during the office hours.
Term I - on or before 30th June, Term II - on or before 30th Sep.
Term III - on or before 30th Dec.
Bus fare - on or before 5th of each month.
NB: A fine of Rs. 25/- will be charged for each months delay.
fine is applicable for both TF & BF.
26. Transfer certificate at request will not be issued unless the entire fee for the particular academic year is paid.
27. Application for all kinds of certificates shall reach the school office of least 5 days prior to the requirement.

1. Refinement of manners, habits of obedience and order, neatness in person and dress and punctuality are required at all times.
2. During working hours, order and silence are to be kept while around the premises. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is never allowed
3. No books other than school books may be brought to the school without the previous sanction of the Principal. This applies to radio, transistors, pocket computer, videos, C.D., Pen Drive, Mobile.
4. Previous sanction of the Principal is needed for any organized school activity.
5. No pupil shall leave his/her class room during working hours without the permission of teachers.
6. No pupil shall leave his/her class room during working hours school hours including the recess without the permission of the Principal.
7. Pupils are not supposed to loiter on the verandahs during class hours.
Whenever they have to move to the library, laboratory etc... they should do so in an orderly manner, not disturbing the neighbouring classes.
8. Students should see that no damage is done to school property. They should not write on or disfigure the walls, furniture and library books. Any damage caused through inadvertence or otherwise should be brought to the notice of the Principal. Those who cause damage will be liable to repair the same at their own expenses.
9. Inattentiveness, indifference to study, discourtesy towards any member of the staff or any act which affects the discipline and tone of the school will be seriously viewed and in extreme cases they are sufficient reasons for dismissal from school. Immorality, grave insubordination, contempt for authority, wilful damage to school property, malpractice in examinations etc.. are sufficient reasons for immediate dismissal.
10. Students are prohibited from bringing cell phones and two wheelers other than bicycles to the School Campus.
11. Objectionable behaviour even outside school will make them liable to face disciplinary action.
12. Communication in English in the Campus must be adhered by every student.
13. Uniform should be stitched as per the school uniform dress code. Fanciful style or modifications are not allowed in haircut and uniform


Parents are requested

1. To attend all parent teacher meetings organized by the school.
2. To respond to all intimations sent you from the school.
3. To notify the school of any change in your address and telephone numbers as early as possible.
4. To intimate the Principal and the class teacher if there are some particulars or relevant information about the child for his/her betterment.
5. To sign the examination and test papers and any other information sent from the school.
6. To go through the rules and regulations of the school and help to adhere to them.
7. To assist the children to take an active interest in the activities of the school. 8. To send only home-made snacks and lunch.
9. To pay the tuition fees and bus fees on or before the due date.
10. To inform the Principal/School office if the child is absent from class for more than three days.
11. To make a note in the diary with the reason for the absence of the child in the class with your signature in the column provided. A medical certificate should accompany any application for medical leave.
12. Bringing of mobile phones by the students is prohibited in the school and such phones if seized, shall be auctioned in the school assembly as per DPI order.
13. Use of precious ornaments (Gold, Silver, Platinum etc.) are not appreciable in the campus. The Principal, Staff or the management will not take any responsibility for the loss of such items.

Please Don’t

1. Take the children home between school hours except in emergency cases.
2. Send children to school on exam days or other days if they are unwell or sick.
3. Send children to school for at least a fortnight if they are suffering from infectious diseases like chicken pox, measles, mumps etc.. until they are medically fit.
4. Allow your children to wear valuable articles like gold ornaments. 5. Send soft drinks and other junk food.
6. Allow children to bring to the school cell phones, thumb drive, Cd’s, I-Pod, or any other material that is not related to learning.

Boys L K G - Pink T-shirt Coffee brown shorts with pockets and loops for belt. Black Shoe, Pink socks.
U K G : Peach T-shirt, Maroon shorts with pockets and loops for belt. Black Shoe & Peach socks.
Std I - II : Blue check half sleeve shirt with Navy blue over coat, Navy blue shorts with loops for belt and pocket. Black Shoe & Navy blue socks.
Std III - X : Blue check half sleeve shirt with Navy blue over coat, Navy Blue Pant with pockets and loops for belt.(Low waist pants will not be permitted)
Girls L K G - Pink T-shirt, Coffee brown box pleated short skirt with loops for belt. Black Shoe & Pink socks.
U K G : Peach T-shirt, Maroon box pleated short skirt with loops for belt. Black Shoe & Peach socks.
Std I, II : Blue check half sleeve shirt with Navy Blue over coat, Navy Blue box-pleated, Short Pinafore skirt with loops for belt and pocket inside, Black shoe & Navy Blue socks.
Std III - X : Blue check kameez with full sleeve with no side slit with Navy blue churidar with flair, Navy blue socks and Black shoe, Mufta Dark Ash Blue.


At A E S Public School, students are prepared to face the All India Secondary School Examination (A I S S E) based on the C B S E pattern.


Assessment and Evaluation
The academic year is divided into two terms, June to September and October to March. With restoration of class X. Board Examination, assessment structure and examination pattern for class IX will be similar to that of class X.

The details of assessments
Std. I - VIII : Assignments, two Periodic Tests and Two Terminal examinations.
Std. IX & X : Total (100marks) -20 marks for Internal Assessment and 80 marks for Annual Examination.
Internal Assessment will include Periodic test (10marks) Note book submission (5 marks) and Subject Enrichment activities (5 marks) at the end of each term.
For the holistic development of the student, co – curricular activities that cover various fields like Work Education, Art Education and Health and Physical Education are carried out in school. The students will also be assessed for Discipline based on factors like attendance, sincerity, behavior and values.


The school lays great emphasis on sports and co-curricular activities as proposed by the National Education Policy. To inculcate a sense of loyalty, team spirit and healthy competition, students are divided into four houses – Blue, Green, yellow ,Red and they are provided different activities under seven clubs throughout the academic year. Besides they participates different inter school competitions organized by Thrissur Sahodaya and IAME. All these provide a platform for the students to exhibit their talent, gain confidence, develop the spirit to face challenges, victories and failures, and to mould their personality. Hence parents must ensure that children participate in as many categories as they can.